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Our services for manufacturers of vascular imaging equipment

CT and MRI are great! Yet their place in vascular medicine is rather small. Their use in daily practice of vascular care shrinks and the differences between expectations of manufacturers and reality of care grow bigger. Why? There appear to be many answers, all of them partially correct. Traditional explanations include competition between individual medical fields, high costs and reimbursement policies. Yet, could there be another, more comprehensive explanations?

Concept21 thinks that there is a plausible and simple answer. Greater use of CT and MRI in vascular medicine has been hampered primarily for two reasons: first, medical concepts requiring systemic vascular diagnostic evaluations are lacking, and second, larger vascular institutions needed for economical operation of CT and MRI are nonexistent. Based on medically indicated staging of vascular diagnostics in specialized integrated vascular centres both of these problems are resolved.

Concept21 offers you:
  • Expert consulting in integrated vascular concepts for your customers
  • Systematic analysis of individual customers. locations for medically indicated and economically feasible employment of CT and MRI for vascular studies
  • Comprehensive consulting in development of new marketing strategies for integrated vascular diagnostic indications
If you are interested to learn more about integrated vascular management, please contact us.