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Our services to hospital owners

Vascular medicine departments and associated divisions of radiology, nephrology, diabetology, neurology are usually located close to each other in general hospitals, yet treatments of vascular patients are rarely co-ordinated among them. Resulting fragmented treatments appear by the standards of modern integrated vascular management medically suboptimal and economically unacceptable. The daily administered treatments are incomplete and waste resources.

Integrated vascular medicine allows hospital owners development of highly efficient and dependable infrastructure by utilization of available resources while considerably improving the quality of vascular care.

Concept21 offers based on specifications of contracts competent and comprehensive support in organizing and providing integrated vascular management. Our services include:

  • Complete and detailed analysis of existing structures and their aptitude for an extended use in integrated vascular medicine
  • Comprehensive consulting in development of hospital specific interdisciplinary logistics
  • Support in transformation of plans into practice
  • Consulting in optimization of DRG- related reimbursement practices
If you are interested to learn more about integrated vascular management, please contact us.